buildd log scanner tag W-build-stamp-in-binary

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This tag means a build log has a line touching build-stamp or build-something-stamp when processing the binary-arch target.
This test has some false positives, most likely due to stdin/stderr ordering issues (many on hurd-i386, but also a larger number of armel and some on other architectures). Because of this it is ignored in the numbers exported to unless it shows up on at least 4 architectures.
build-stamp files are usually used as stamp files to make sure the upstream build process is only called once in the build target but not a second time in the binary target of debian/rules. As the build target is run as normal user, while the binary target is usually run under fakeroot, this ensures the package build is not tainted by any environment variables fakeroot might set. It also ensures compilation is only done once and not even some possible expensive up-to-date checking is done in the binary target.
Possible problems causing this warning:

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