Query package and source control files for all Debian distributions. (Aka "remote apt-cache")

archive suite component architecture package version show suite

Most recent packages/sources files used:
debian: 2024-02-25 20:01:27+00:00 UTC
debian-backports: 2016-03-13 08:46:36+00:00 UTC
debian-debug: 2009-05-01 20:20:08+00:00 UTC
debian-security: 2020-07-01 11:21:29+00:00 UTC
debian-volatile: 2011-11-01 11:05:05+00:00 UTC

Notes: The only mandatory field is package. Leaving other fields blank will select all matching distributions. A blank architecture field selects both binary and source packages. The 'binary' architecture excludes source packages. Selecting a specific architecture will also include Architecture: all packages in that distribution. Checking the show suites box adds headers showing which distribution the control file is from. In the output, source packages have a Binary: field that binary packages do not have.

Made by Christoph Berg <myon@debian.org>