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component: main
debian_mangled_uversion: 8.1.2-0.20180807cvs
debian_uversion: 8.1.2-0.20180807cvs
distribution: debian
last_check: 2022-01-23 02:22:26.199256
release: sid
source: bsd-mailx
status: up to date
upstream_version: 8.1.2-0.20180807cvs
version: 8.1.2-0.20180807cvs-2
# Note: mailx is part of OpenBSD base system, e.g.
# Debian package is based on CVS version of the sources, see cvsweb interface
# on
# It is not possible to extract the upstream version from neither of the above links,
# so use the following link to the Debian repository just to make lintian and PTS happy. bsd-mailx_(.*)\.orig\.tar\.xz