Watch file results

component: main
distribution: debian
last_check: 2023-03-26 00:55:40.342005
release: sid
source: darkradiant
status: error
version: 3.7.0-1
warnings: In watchfile debian/watch, reading webpage failed: 403 rate limit exceeded
# searchmode: use searchmode plain to search in the JSON returned by 
# the API
# filenamemangle: extract from the URL the GitHub project name (the last
#                 path part before /tarball/) and the version,
#                 to generate a resulting tarball named:
#                 ${PROJECT_NAME}-${VERSION}.tar.gz
# pgpsigurlmangle: retrieve also the tarball PGP signature assuming it 
#                  was uploaded with name ${PROJECT_NAME}-v${VERSION}
#                  extracting from the tarball download URL the GitHub
#                  username/organization, the GitHub project name and
#                  the version generating the signature URL as required 
#                  by GitHub
# URL: use the project API URL to get the release information, looking 
#      for the tarball URL and extracting the version from the last part
#      of the URL path.
filenamemangle=s~.+/([^/]+)/tarball/(@ANY_VERSION@)~$1-$2.tar.gz~ \ \