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component: non-free
debian_mangled_uversion: 521+arm64
debian_uversion: 2.9112.521+arm64
distribution: debian
last_check: 2022-08-10 00:51:12.105208
release: sid
source: distributed-net
status: only older package available
upstream_version: 521
version: 2.9112.521+arm64-2

#'s release scheme is a bit different than normal and what uscan
# expects.  A version number consists of a major version, a
# minor version and a build fraction.  All of these are separated by dots (see
# the upstream changelog for the details). encodes only the
# build fraction in the file name.  The major and minor version numbers are
# encoded in the name of the directory containing the files.  uscan expect the
# full version number to be encoded into the file name.  While less than ideal
# updates will have to be tracked using the build fraction only.  This requires
# the actual version number to be removed from the local version for processing.
#'s updates tend to be architecture specific.  For example a new
# release my include a new version for i386 and mips but nothing else.
# Furthermore supports a number of architectures that are not in
# Debian.  Therefore uscan needs to look for releases of architectures supported
# by Debian only.  Otherwise a new version for an architecture that is not in
# Debian could trigger a new version of this package.

opts=pasv,dversionmangle=s/^[0-9]\.[0-9]+\.// \[\d\.]+)/dnetc([\da-z]+)-linux-(?:x86-elf-uclibc|amd64|ppc|armel|mips32el).tar.gz debian uupdate