Watch file results

component: main
debian_mangled_uversion: 0.0~git20230806.0.38ca607c
debian_uversion: 0.0~git20230806.0.38ca607c
distribution: debian
last_check: 2024-07-17 00:23:18.441943
release: sid
source: dnss
status: newer package available
upstream_url: upstream
upstream_version: 0.0~git20230806.f99e7e8
version: 0.0~git20230806.0.38ca607c-1

# Due to a historical artifact, the "upstream" branch is merged, instead of a
# clean mirror of upstream's as it should be.
# Unfortunately this means that if we point watch directly to upstream, it
# will always say there's a new version.
# As a workaround, use salsa git, branch "upstream", as watch target.
opts="mode=git, pgpmode=none, repacksuffix=+ds" \ \