Watch file results

component: main
debian_mangled_uversion: 0.13+git20170730.6182dc8
debian_uversion: 0.13+git20170730.6182dc8
distribution: debian
last_check: 2019-08-20 00:40:30.237135
release: sid
source: kxd
status: only older package available
upstream_version: 0.13
version: 0.13+git20170730.6182dc8-1
watch_file: version=3 # Use the github mirror, as upstream does not release tarballs directly. # The filenamemangle sed expression converts # from: /albertito/kxd/archive/0.13.tar.gz # to: kxd-0.13.tar.gz opts="filenamemangle=s@.*/(\d[\d\.]*)\.tar\.gz@kxd-$1.tar.gz@" \ \ /albertito/kxd/archive/(.+)\.tar\.gz