Watch file results

component: non-free
distribution: debian
last_check: 2021-06-19 03:50:12.241993
release: sid
source: r8168
status: error
version: 8.048.03-3
warnings: In watchfile debian/watch, reading webpage failed: 500 Can't connect to (certificate verify failed)
watch_file: version=4 # The upstream download page at # # does not offer direct download links but rather redirects via hashes # and mandatory email registration to a temporary download location. # Therefore we can only parse the version number from the upstream # download page. opts=searchmode=plain \ \ GBE.Ethernet.LINUX.driver.r8168[^<]*[^\d]*([\d\.]+)[^<]* # There exist unofficial mirrors ... but they are not always in sync. # /mtorromeo/r8168/archive/([\d\.]+)\.(?:tar\.gz|tar\.bz2|tar\.xz)