Watch file results

component: main
debian_mangled_uversion: 1.45.0
debian_uversion: 1.45.0+dfsg1
distribution: debian
last_check: 2020-08-11 00:23:20.671111
release: sid
source: rustc
status: newer package available
upstream_version: 1.45.2
version: 1.45.0+dfsg1-2
watch_file: version=4 # if you need to download other versions replace the URL below with this one: # # it's a bit slower to download, that's why we use the other one normally opts="\ pgpsigurlmangle=s/$/.asc/,\ uversionmangle=s/(\d)[_.+-]?((beta|alpha)\.?\d*)$/$1~$2/,\ dversionmangle=s/\+dfsg\d*$//,\ downloadurlmangle=s/\.[gx]z/.xz/,\ filenamemangle=s/.*\/(.*)\.[gx]z(\..*)?/$1.xz$2/,\ repack,\ repacksuffix=+dfsg1,\ compression=xz,\ " \ \ (?:.*/)rustc?-(\d[\d.]*(?:-[\w.]+)?)-src\.tar\.[gx]z