Watch file results

component: main
debian_mangled_uversion: 3.25
debian_uversion: 3.25+dfsg
distribution: debian
last_check: 2021-03-08 00:22:06.571413
release: sid
source: simgrid
status: up to date
upstream_version: 3.25
version: 3.25+dfsg-4
watch_file: version=3 opts="dversionmangle=s/\+(repack|dfsg|ds|deb)\d*$//,repack,repacksuffix=+dfsg,compression=xz,pgpmode=none" \ .*/[sS]im[gG]rid-([0-9\.]*)\.tar\.gz # There is no gpg signature on gforge (afaik), but the archive is # served by the webserver regardless of the requested file name. # So uscan when asks for a gpg key, it actually gets a file. That's # the archive itself, but it gets tricked into believing that this is a # signature. At least, that's my understanding of why we need pgpmode=none