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component: main
debian_mangled_uversion: 1.6.9
debian_uversion: 1.6.9+repack1
distribution: debian
last_check: 2022-08-09 05:50:04.982886
release: sid
source: syncplay
status: newer package available
upstream_version: 1.7.0-snapshot1
version: 1.6.9+repack1-4
# 1.6.8-Beta1 was erroneously tagged 1.68-Beta1. Treat 68-Beta1 in
# uversionmangle as a special case to have it sorted as an old version and
# therefore avoid it precede correctly tagged releases.
opts="filenamemangle=s/v?(\d\S+)\.tar\.gz/@PACKAGE@-$1\.tar\.gz/, \
  dversionmangle=s/\+repack(\d*$)//, \
  uversionmangle=s/(\d)[_\.\-\+]?((68-Beta1|Beta|Alpha)\d*)$/$1~$2/, \
  repacksuffix=+repack1" \ .*/v?(\d\S+)\.tar\.gz