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Separate multiple logins by spaces. Logins without @ get appended. If you include an uppercase letter, search is done by maintainer name; only a single pattern (possibly including spaces) is accepted in that mode.
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Subscribing to Packages

Additional packages can be added to the list of packages shown. There are two interfaces, URL and mail based.

Firstly, one can append &packages=pkg1+pkg2+... to the URL, or enter package names in the 'Display configuration' form. This will create a new section "url" in the listing, independently of the selected login.

Secondly, using the DDPO control bot at, packages are added to the listing for a login (mail address), optionally sorted in user-defined sections. The following commands are accepted:Display configuration:
You need to allow cookies if you want the configuration to be stored. If not, remember/bookmark the right URL that will be provided after submitting changes. You can override the settings by providing an extra arg to the URL (e.g. &buildd=1 if you want to display the buildd column). These args will not change the custom settings you defined before (the cookie is not modified).







Binary Package











Additionally show packages: uploaders:

Help (click to collapse)
The description of the package is available as mouseover title from the package name.
An asterisk (*) indicates the presence of co-maintainers (Uploaders: control field)
Blue packages are co-maintained by this developer
The 'Bugs' columns display the real number of bugs. If there are merged bugs, the total is in parentheses
Version columns are color-coded, mouseover titles show more information:
 Cyan: package in stable
 Red: package in stable security (not shown if also in stable)
 Dark blue: package in stable proposed updates (not shown if also in stable security)
 Light blue: package pending for stable proposed updates (not shown if also in stable security)
 Dark purple: package on backports
 Purple: testing version
 Green: unstable version
 Red: non-maintainer upload
 Grey: version in new
 Orange: version in incoming
 Light Red: version in delayed
Ubuntu column:
  green: Ubuntu version is in sync with version in unstable
  magenta: Ubuntu version is greater than version in unstable
  navy blue: Ubuntu version is lower than version in unstable
The 'Popcon' column displays the maximal install count for any binary in the source package
Watch column:
  green: upstream found version is in sync with version in unstable/experimental
  magenta: upstream found version is greater than version in unstable
  navy blue: upstream found version is lower than version in unstable (a bug in the watch file?)
  Error: uscan had problems following the watch file
The 'pending uploads' section shows packages uploaded/Changed-By this developer in incoming, new, and delayed
The 'uploads' sections show all packages in the archive signed by this developer's key (NMUs, sponsored, QA uploads)

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