Packages not installable on arm64 in scenario unstable_main for 4 days

Date: 2024-05-20 05:00:02 UTC

Packages that have been continuously found to be not installable (not necessarily in the same version, and not necessarily with the same explanation all the time).

[all] indicates a package with Architecture=all.

Package Since Version today Short explanation as of today (click for details) Tracking
idle-python3.13 2024-05-16 [all] 3.13.0~b1-2unsatisfied dependency on python3.13-tk
libnode109 2024-05-16 18.20.1+dfsg-4+b2conflict between nodejs and libnode109
python3-ferret 2024-05-13 7.6.5-5unsatisfied dependency on python3-future
python3-flask-autoindex 2024-05-13 [all] 0.6.6-3unsatisfied dependency on python3-future
python3-stackview 2024-05-14 [all] 0.7.4-2unsatisfied dependency on python3-widgetsnbextension
python3.13-full 2024-05-16 3.13.0~b1-2unsatisfied dependency on python3.13-tk
tahoe-lafs 2024-05-13 [all] 1.17.0-1unsatisfied dependency on python3-future