Judging orphaned packages for possible removal

A lot of packages are orphaned, sometimes for a long time. If nobody has any interest in them, they might be better off being removed from Debian.

This document aims to list criteria to judge whether a package should be removed. Below you will find how to actually file a removal request.

Here and here you can find lists of orphaned packages.

Please see this mailing list post for a suggested way to title removal requests. Usually, you should retitle the wnpp bug and reassign it to the ftp.debian.org pseudo-package.

Sometimes, for example if a package is very buggy, it makes sense to clone the removal bug as a RC bug for the package, and ask the release team to remove it from testing. This isn't often needed, because packages get removed from testing automatically after being dropped from unstable, though it would be applicable when Debian is close to a release.

If you have any questions or doubts, please mail the debian-qa mailinglist. If you're just unsure about whether to remove a package, you can always just mail the wnpp bug with your thoughts, someone else will (eventually) process it then.