As per Debian's Policy, every executable file in Debian has to supply a man page. However, many packages don't follow this requirement yet. Below is a listing of all executables for which no corresponding man page is available yet. If you use any of these packages listed below, please consider writing a man page for its executable files and submit it to the Bug Tracking System (BTS).

Writing man pages is not very difficult. You can simply look at some man pages in /usr/share/man and follow their structure (also see the file /usr/share/doc/man-db/examples/manpage.example). Furthermore, some information about the format of man pages is available in the man (man 7 man) and pod2man (man 1 pod2man) man pages. You can also install any of various packages which provide tools to help you write basic man pages, and then tweak the output if necessary: help2man, txt2man, xml2man (in the kdelibs-bin package), or docbook-to-man.

When you decide to help out, please write the man pages for a whole package.

When you have written a man page, please submit the man page to the BTS. Before submitting a new bug, please check the bug listing (linked from the package name) for an existing bug. If a bug exists already, send your man page to where nnn is the bug number (e.g. If there is no bug yet, file a new one by sending a message to

If you have written a man page for the executable file foobar in the package bar, you would send a bug report like this:

To: <nnn or submit>
Subject: man page for foobar

Package: bar
Tags: patch

<attach foobar.1 here>

Also, note that you can have a list of the programs installed in your Debian system that miss a manpage using the command manpage-alert from package devscripts. It is usually easier to write documentation for programs that you use frequently, so that list could be more helpful than the one here under to find a manpage to work on.

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